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Total removal and prevention of patogens and parasites

Without unwanted effects on your organism, 100% safe product

The effectiveness is verified by many thousands of users


  • It is completely safe, which means that it can be taken without consulting a doctor.
  • It has no side effects (unlike other chemical preparations, which can cause feelings of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and worsen biochemical indicators of the liver).
  • It can target the program on specific parasites, viruses and bacteria, and eliminate them at a specific discharge frequency that is deadly for the given pathogen.
  • Some devices are contactless, so it is possible to leave them working during any other activity.
  • It can be used anywhere, for example in the comfort of your home, which is the most convenient way without unnecessary additional time or financial costs.

Anti-parasite devices are designed to cleanse the body and prevent parasites.



What is the frequency method?

The frequency method is a proven, globally used method that can effectively eliminate pathogens in the human body - the microbial and parasitic load of the organism, and thereby significantly stimulate the function of the immune system. All over the world, hundreds of thousands of people use this tool with very convincing results and without any health complications caused by the use of the device.

On what principle does the frequency method work?

The frequency method is based on the principle of selective destruction of microorganisms with a precise frequency. All pathogens emit their specific frequencies (ie each molecule vibrates at its own electromagnetic frequency). If we act on pathogens with a frequency equal to their own frequency, they resonate, which causes their cell membrane to oscillate and then disintegrate – deactivation. Our body then removes their remains from the body through normal processes.

What can the frequency method treat?

Using the frequency method, it is possible to destroy all pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) according to their known frequency for different developmental stages and thus get rid of the cause of most diseases. It not only removes the symptoms of diseases, but also removes their physical cause. It is usually a gradual process, depending on the level of stress on the organism, its age and specific circumstances. However, we cannot expect that individual therapy will solve all chronic problems with certainty. The frequency method is successfully used both for acute conditions (toothache, angina, flu, chicken pox, mononucleosis, etc.) and for chronic conditions (the presence of Borrelia, EBV, Herpes viruses, chlamydia, parasites, etc.) and can also significantly support treatment of serious diseases such as cancer or AIDS.

What are the advantages of the frequency method?

The advantage of frequency therapy is its high efficiency, quick relief, painless application and relatively short time-consuming compared to other methods. When applied correctly, this therapy has no negative effects on the body and at the same time it also stimulates the immune system. In order for the application to be successful, a wider knowledge of the occurrence and development stages of individual pathogens, their interrelatedness and the cooperation of the client in the simultaneous detoxification of his organism is necessary. By killing the parasites, they are flushed into the blood system, and the role of the immune and excretory system takes over, which must eliminate the resulting waste from the body.

Are there any scientific studies or evidence supporting the effectiveness of this device?

The inventor of the method of selective destruction of microorganisms with precise frequencies was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (1888–1971). Rife was a top scientist, inventor and microbiologist all rolled into one. According to his knowledge and practice, thousands of people have already recovered from their illnesses. The story about this great scientist and his discoveries is described in a video that you can find on the Internet.
Subsequently, the frequency method was perfected by Hulda Regehr Clark (in the photo above), who brought a lot of new information for treatment with frequency generators to modern times. But her main contribution lies in the fact that she was not afraid of persecution and false personal accusations, and she published the practical results of her research in several of her books, which she published one after the other in a very short time. In this way, this information reached the general public, and this was followed by experiments and research by other scientists and doctors who confirmed and continue to confirm Clark's results. A big thank you goes to Ms. Clark for breaking the ignorance of the general public.
A few years ago, she published the results of her research into the destruction of pathogenic organisms in the human body with the help of her invention, which is the Zapper device. It is essentially a rectangular pulse frequency generator that destroys a wide range of microorganisms that a person is not supposed to have. Clark and her team continued their research until her death and continued to publish their results despite false accusations and efforts to silence them.
After many years of research, Mrs. Clark discovered that parasites, which enter the human body mostly with food, can be destroyed within a few minutes. There is nothing "mysterious" or incomprehensible. It is a simple physical elimination of parasites, bacteria and viruses with high-frequency impulses. If you use the zapper according to the instructions, you will reduce common infectious diseases to a minimum and chronic diseases and their symptoms will gradually disappear. In turn, you will perceive your health as a natural thing that is part of a full life.

What frequency is used for treatment? On the basis of what knowledge were these frequencies selected?

There is a complete comprehensive frequency database (CAFL, Clark) that was measured for individual pathogens using f-scans. The database contains over 2000 items and over 11000 effective frequencies.
The frequency wave of pathogens is in the range of 1Hz – 800,000Hz. Healthy human cells resonate in the order of GHz, so the impact of low frequencies on the human body cannot affect healthy human cells in any way.
In this way, all pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) can be destroyed according to their known frequency for different stages of development and thus get rid of the cause of many diseases.  There is not only the removal of the symptoms of diseases, but also the elimination of their cause.

How are frequency devices used? Are there any specific procedures or guidelines to follow?

Using frequency devices is very simple. The device already contains specific programs aimed at targeting individual health problems or specific pathogens. In addition to these already installed programs, the devices have free memory for storing other programs outside the scope of the basic package. The usual procedure is that you search for and select the appropriate program on the device's display and start it by pressing the "start" button. During a session, it is possible to pause the program for a short time (for example, when you need to go to the toilet) and then start the program again from the point where it was paused.
Depending on the type of device, the frequency pulses are either emitted into space, in which case it is sufficient to sit or even move close to the device's range of action, or with some devices it is necessary or desirable to be connected to the device using electrodes. You usually hold these electrodes in both hands, or you have a special metal plate on the ground for contact through your feet. Alternatively, there are also adhesive electrodes that you can place on different places on the body. The electrodes are connected to the device by a cable.
Of course, a clear manual or our technical support is available for controlling the devices and individual installed programs, in case you don't know how to deal with anything.

What is the expected time frame for results? How long should the device be used before any changes begin to show?

The results and speed of action of frequency devices are dependent on many circumstances. In general, the fastest results are achieved with the smallest pathogens, i.e. viruses, and with acute health problems, rather than chronic problems, which often require longer time and more sessions. For many acute problems, improvement or relief occurs even after the first short session. Even with more difficult diagnoses, the results usually arrive within a few months at the latest. Most problems are relieved after the first sessions, but there may also be a temporary subjective worsening of the problems.
This is caused by the fact that the elimination of pathogens creates "waste" in the body, which the body must first process and expel. It is a completely normal phenomenon that occurs during detoxification. People react differently to detoxification. Most do not experience these symptoms at all, but for some, the detoxification process may cause some discomfort or temporary nausea. But it is not dangerous and will disappear in a short time, so there is nothing to worry about.

How can the frequency method influence parasites or microorganisms without having negative effects on healthy human cells?

The frequency wave of pathogens is in the range of 1Hz – 800,000Hz. Healthy human cells resonate in the order of GHz, so the impact of low frequencies on the human body cannot affect healthy human cells in any way.

Is the use of frequency therapy devices completely safe? What are the potential risks or side effects associated with using this device?

Using frequency method devices is completely safe! The risks of using frequency devices are not related to the use of the device itself, but to the patient's holistic approach to his health problem. It should be taken into account that frequency therapy alone may not always eliminate all health problems and it is often advisable, or in some cases even necessary, to combine this method with traditional medical methods and procedures. In the case of serious illnesses, it is necessary or desirable to cooperate with your doctor at the same time and follow his instructions and prescribed treatment. In some cases, it happens that with regard to the simultaneous use of frequency therapy, the doctor himself adjusts the originally prescribed treatment, often also based on the positive results of the frequency method.
As for the possible side effects of the frequency method, there is nothing to worry about, but as already mentioned above, as a result of the treatment using the frequency method, various unpleasant problems can sometimes occur due to the detoxification of the organism, which is also common with other methods when the body is cleansed . This happens if the frequency method eliminates a larger amount of pathogens in the body than the body is able to quickly remove in a given period of time. In this way, the body can temporarily accumulate killed pathogens or parasites, which means that the body has a lot of work to remove them from the body, and this can cause minor subjective problems or nausea. However, these manifestations usually disappear very quickly. For most users, however, they do not occur at all.

How does the frequency method differ from other alternative healing methods that also claim to affect parasites or microorganisms?

The frequency method is completely specific in its own way, and the influence and elimination of parasites takes place here by direct, targeted action on the cell wall of pathogens or parasites. With the help of frequency radiation in a specific frequency range to which the given pathogen is sensitive, the wall of the cell or cells will oscillate in such a way that the pathogen will eventually die. These killed pathogens or parasites are subsequently expelled by the body. Other known methods act on pathogens in a different way. Most of them are chemical or natural substances that have the same effect and kill the pathogen, but with some chemical preparations there are many side effects because they can be toxic to the body.

Is this method suitable as an adjunct to traditional medical care, or is it proposed as an independent treatment method?

It depends on the type of problem. For milder problems, acute viruses or in case of preventive use, the frequency method can be used independently and often with rapid success. It is also possible to use this method independently to remove larger parasites (can also be used on your pet's pinkies). Here, however, a larger number of sessions is usually needed before the parasites can be successfully eliminated and removed from the body. For more difficult problems and chronic diseases, the frequency method is usually used in combination with other conventional methods or necessary medicines and dietary supplements. If you are being treated with conventional medicine for your health problem and are taking prescribed medication, it is always a good idea or even necessary to consult with your attending physician about the combination with other methods.


John Smith, age 42 years:

"From the age of about 18, I began to have vague health problems and sought solutions from my doctor many times. Unfortunately, they didn't figure anything out for me for many years, even though I was still often unwell. At times I had vague pains, dizziness and weakness that I felt completely powerless. Because of that, I subsequently suffered from anxiety and fear for my health. Only recently I had the opportunity to meet an expert who deals with frequency therapy. I went to him once a week for therapy with the Elzapp frequency device and after two months my condition improved significantly. In the end, I decided to buy Elzapp at home to get my health completely back on track. He prescribed me to run specific programs for certain types of pathogens that the therapy was working on. I have now had the device at home for about a year and my health has finally improved enough after so many years that I feel at ease again and without restrictions."
Lisa Carter, age 55 years:
 "I suffered from frequent angina, and the moment the doctor advised me to undergo an operation on my tonsils, I understood that it was necessary to start dealing with it differently. I started looking for natural treatment options and more or less by chance I came across the Elzapp device. I read how easy the device is to operate, so I decided to buy the device for my home, because I had nothing to lose. At that very moment, I had acute angina in the early stages and applied a special angina program to myself. It's really unbelievable, but the pain in my throat went away the very next day and two days later it was completely gone! So I am grateful to the Elzapp device for saving a valuable organ that I would have otherwise lost."
Ashley Wilson, age 61 years:
 "I was being treated for Lyme disease and even though I was prescribed medication to suppress the symptoms, I still felt completely out of energy and tired of everything very quickly. It's been going on for about two years now and it still hasn't gotten any better. I was talking about it with friends and one friend recommended me to try the Elzapp device. I was already quite desperate, so I didn't hesitate at all and bought the device. After only a month of regular use of the programs that are intended directly for the suppression of Lyme disease and also the program for increasing energy, I started to feel much better. Today it is 6 months since I started using the device and I feel as good as before. Now I mainly use the device intermittently, when I don't feel well or when I have a virus. But the original problem that caused me to buy Elzapp is probably gone for good!"

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